Team & Table Booking

In today’s uncertain economic environment, organisations might be tempted to tighten the purse strings when it comes to leadership development. But if you want to do more with less, effective leadership is key to unlocking greater productivity and profitability. Losing your critical leaders, or rising stars, could impact your post-COVID business recovery. 
To avoid the exodus of high-performing employees, dubbed “The Great Resignation” by some, investing in leadership development is critical in retaining your best talent
Reward your team of high performers with our Annual Women Leadership Summit where they can reset, reflect, and refocus with the right leadership mindset. 

Five benefits of sending your team to the Women in Leadership Summit:  

  1. Maximise learning and networking – by attending as a group, each team member can select different roundtable discussions, and share key takeaways over breaks. We know, networking can be quite intimidating, so network as a team! Make meaningful connections with like-minded leaders from different industries and sectors at the Summit.  
  2. Foster camaraderie and collaboration – build rapport in a relaxed environment, nurture greater collaboration, and develop a strong team bond. Share a cup of coffee (or a glass of wine) and get to know your team in a non-work environment.  
  3. Solidify learning – debrief as a group at the end of each day to share how to implement key learnings from the day to your personal and professional development growth. Inspire each other to take action.  
  4. Priority seating and corporate branding – book as a group of 7-8 and we will reserve a table for your team near the stage to minimise the hassle of looking for a seat on the day. Your company logo will be printed on table signage in the conference room to enable easy identification. Display table in the exhibition room to promote your organisation’s initiatives available as well.  
  5. Greater value – the upfront cost may seem expensive but sending a larger team to the Summit will help cut professional development costs in the long run.  
Nurture, reward, and empower your team of high-performing leaders by sending them to the Women in Leadership Summit.